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What to Do If It Rains

It's true, no one, not even your wedding planner can control the weather, BUT here's how to prepare - as best as possible, for the forecast. We don't have to tell you that obsessively checking the weather app ahead of your big day, and seeing there's a chance of rain, it's easy to go into panic mode. Fair to say, most couples want and hope for blue skies and sunshine, BUT we've been told overcast skies make for the best lighting for photos. In fact, a shower or two is actually considered good luck.

Unfortunately the weather is out of your hands (and your wedding planner, and your parents, and your groom), but there's a few proactive steps one can take to make sure the rain doesn't impact your wedding. Note, if anything is outdoors (ceremony and/or reception) if need to have a contingency plan in place from the time of booking. Often couples won't consider a contingency plan until the week-of when they see rain in the forecast, and by then it's often too late to prepare.

S H O U L D A L L C O U P L E S H A V E A R A I N P L A N ?

Absolutely! IF any element of your wedding is outside (even if you plan for outdoor pictures), couples should arrange a plan for rain. Having a backup plan will take the pressure off of the couple leading up to their wedding day, but it also prepares vendors in the event they need to act on the contingency plan that was through fully prepared without any hesitation. If you're ceremony and/or reception are outside, is there a backup plan at the venue that would allow you to move inside? If not, plan ahead and budget the expense of a tent.


1. Check the Weather

Having an idea of what the weather will look like on your wedding day will help you decide what course of action to take. It's tempting to check the weather weeks in advance, but we really can't predict the weather, or know what course of action to take until 48 hours beforehand. Within 48 hours before you'll know if it's just light showers in the morning, or thunderstorms in the afternoon, which will cause the ceremony (and/or reception) to be moved indoors.

2. Talk to Your Wedding Planner

If rain is likely based on the time of year, we suggest you work with your wedding planner on all aspects of planning (with 'how will this work/look' with our contingency plan) to avoid any interruptions to your vision and aesthetic. During the planning, go over the options with your wedding planner, the logistics, and how a rain plan will be executed. If your wedding planner suggest moving indoors, or renting a tent, trust that he/she knows what's best.

3. Finalize a Back Up Plan

In the field of event planning, you have to plan for e-v-e-r-y thing, which includes rain. When touring venues, you need to ask about a rain contingency plan BEFORE making a final decision, and signing a contract. If you're not open to moving your wedding indoors, you may consider renting a tent. Think of like an insurance policy, about three/two days before your wedding day you will be able to confidently decide if you want to proceed with the tent or now. Regardless your decision, the peace of mind you've had leading up to the wedding is worth the loss you may incur if you opt out of the tent (again, it's like insurance).

4. Come Prepared

Like any other day when it rains, there are a few things every couple needs to stay dry. The obvious an umbrella (clear umbrellas looks the best, because they actually photograph well), and a change of shoes. Heel protectors are also great, so your heels don't sink into the grass. Also, don't forget towels, incase chairs need to be wiped down prior to the ceremony. You should also consider protecting your guests, and shield them from the wet weather - arrange a bin of umbrellas.

5. Protect Your Dress

You found the perfect dress, the last thing you want is a damp and muddy gown. It's best to stay inside as much as possible during periods of rain. If there is asphalt, your dress will be black in no time. If there is grass, it will be muddy and grass-stained in no time! IF you must go outside for photos, grab an umbrella and have your wedding party carry your trainers high-off the ground as possible.

6. Be Flexible

You can't control the weather, so accept that rain is a possibility and move on. Focus on being present, in the moment, and adapting to whatever the day brings is a much more freeing mentality. If that means a delayed start time, or moving indoors, flexibility is crucial! If your energy remains positive, your wedding party, family, and even your guests will follow suit.

7. Embrace It

It's raining, why not make the most of it? A rainy haze makes for a romantic since, so grab your groom, and sneak away for a steamy photo session. When we think of rain and weddings, we have two favorite memories that come to mind... one where the bride/groom decided to have their own steamy photo shoot, and their photos turned out flawless! Second, where it rained post-ceremony and reception events, so the bride/groom, wedding party, and all their guests danced the rest of the night away in the rain. Both were so memorable, fun, and a great way to let your hair down and enjoy yourself.

AT THE END OF THE DAY... the love that brought you together, is destined to weather the worst of storms.

W H A T D O E S R A I N O N Y O U R W E D D I N G D A Y M E A N ?

Sure, rain on your wedding day isn't ideal and something no bride wants to hear, but some cultures believe this is a positive sign. For example, since untying a wet knot is more difficult than tying a dry one, rainy weather has become synonymous with a strong marriage, based on Hindu beliefs. Others believe that rain showers are a symbol to a fresh start for the newlyweds, cleansing a couple of bad memories. Some also believe that rain predicts fertility and fortune.

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