We are Amberly and Hunter, the girl with an eye for detail and a guy with the muscles for making it happen. Because we're a husband-wife, full-service wedding planning firm, you get the luxury of having a team in your corner at all times, from the planning through to the execution of your wedding day. We provide you with something most aren't able to... a man's perspective, and someone the groom can relate to. Of course, you get a married couple's perspective too... we've been in your shoes, understand all the emotions and know firsthand what you're about to experience, enjoy it!

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As a Certified Wedding Planner with over five years of experience, Amberly concerns herself with the details most people won't think about, because that's ultimately what creates the experience. With great attention to detail and timelines for the unimaginable, Amberly creates events that awe guests while creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for the bride and groom. With experience from weddings to corporate events and fashion shows to everything in-between, Amberly's greatest passion and focus is weddings. Amberly never allows details to be overlooked, and is a lover of logistics and hospitality.

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With over five years of experience planning olympic athletic events from basketball, to softball, track, skiing, gymnastics, equestrian, and much more! Hunter is a straight shooter, and production mastermind. He takes the vision and aesthetic Amberly has created and makes it happen. Anything that gets thrown at Hunter will be executed with grace and far beyond anyone's greatest expectations. Hunter's greatest strengths are communication, a strong work ethic, and always striving to perfection. Hunter knows how to keep the night moving, and never allows for 'dead' time.


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