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How to Cut Your Guest List

One of the most polarizing discussions in the planning process... your guest list. As you begin preparing for your wedding, you may realize early on that your guest list is adding up quick. While it's natural to want to have as many family and friends with you on your special day, an oversize guest list can pose a lot of problems. At first it might seem less than ideal to cut down on your friends and family you have at your wedding, but downsizing comes with its share of upsides.

Not always true, but if you do it right, yes, less guests means you can save money. Splurging on upgraded table settings, chargers, flatware, and luxury linens can really add up when you have a guest list of a few hundred people, but for 75 or so guests, providing everyone with an upgraded experience becomes possible. Of course, with a smaller guest list you can focus your time and attention on your wedding guests themselves. When you have a larger wedding, say 150 guests or more it's nearly impossible to do the rounds and make conversation with each guest, let alone snap a picture with them.

We will admit, cutting down your guest list is much easier said than done, BUT here are some pointers worth considering to help you get the job done.


This is easier to do if you're younger and don't already have kids of your own, but if you're inviting a lot of family to your wedding, making it adults only can quickly reduce your guest list. Bonus, it gives couples a chance to find a sitter and have a true date night out. Not to mention, the countless reasons we are team #ADULTSONLY, but we'll talk about that on another day.


Most guests will completely understand your need to cut down on your guest list, and if you're someone they truly care about deeply, they will still be in attendance without a plus one. Of course, you know your guests best, if someone has been dating for a year or more, include them.


One of the most cut-and-dry tactics for limiting your wedding guest list. Invite only guests that you actually, recently, and have regular communication with. Leave off the long lost cousins, college buddies you haven't talked to since graduation, and your neighbor from three years ago.


These are people that you absolutely want to have at your wedding, no matter how small of a guest list you're working with. Think about the people that were the first ones you couldn't wait to tell about your engagement. Knowing how many guests are on your VIP list will help you determine how many additional guests you can invite.

You didn't ask, but we'll tell you anyways because we know you're thinking it... how many guests is the perfect number? 125 and under. It still feels the room/space, but it's not too many that you feel overwhelmed, truly from all our weddings the 100-125 continues to be the sweet spot.


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