Triple Berry Smoothie R E C I P E

I love a morning without an alarm clock, gives me the extra time I need to make my favorite/go-to breakfast, one that YOU can easily make too.

It's so easy, and husband approved, so you know it's good.

I N G R E D I E N T S :

Frozen fruit

prefer Simple Truth from Kroger

Greek Yogurt

prefer Chobani vanilla yogurt

Almond Milk

if you prefer, you can use regular milk

Hazelnut Spread

prefer Justin's from Kroger/Target


prefer Bear Naked

S T E P S :

Add 1/2 cup of frozen fruit to blender

Add 1 cup of yogurt to blender

Blend until smooth

Add milk to taste

Add hazelnut spread to taste

Blend, until milk and hazelnut spread is mixed well

Pour half in glass, add granola

Pour remaining half in glass, and top with granola

**double the recipe for a full glass... warning, it's filling and not usually needed**

It's that easy! To switch things up, each grocery trip we get different frozen fruit and will switch the hazelnut with honey, and get different granola based on our fruit. ALSO, if you're a fan of a 'smoothie' consistency, add more milk. Notice, we use spoons... I like my smoothie to have some crunch to it, hint the granola, so we use spoons to eat/drink it... not a straw. BUT you do you, tweak to your desire.

Have a smoothie recipe you love? Share it in the comments below.