The 411 on Face Masks

Never in a million years did I think it would be the new 'norm' to wear a face mask, BUT this too shall pass (like everything). However, I don't think the thought of 'no' face masks in public is coming anytime soon.

Which has me on the hunt for not only the cutest, but a face mask that is actually comfortable, if that's possible. Right now when I'm out and about in public I wear a surgical face mask (basic, I know) and it's terrible. It never fails, e-v-e-r-y-time I wear it, it gives me a nagging headache and I'm convinced it's the pressure from the constant tug/pull behind my ears. Not only that, but nothing clashes more than bright turquoise, sure face masks aren't pretty, but they can at least be cute.

Yep, Polly is 'that' person! The one who has a face mask, but wears it around their neck... we've all seen that 'one' person. Like, either wear the d**n mask or don’t.

Looking for a cute AND comfortable (fingers crossed) face mask? Look no further.

American Eagle

Single mask for $19.95


Multi-packs range from $24 to $38


Multi five-pack for $30 (kid masks also available)

Banana Republic

Multi three-pack for $29

Brooks Brothers

Five-pack for $20


Multi five-pack for $25


Character themed four-pack $19.99 (kid masks also available)


Three-pack for $15

Kenny Flowers

Multi three-pack for $24

Lilly Pulitzer

Sold out, but you can add your email to be notified when they're back in-stock


Multi three-pack for $20


Select your team, three-pack for $24.99 or single mask for $14.99

Old Navy

Multi five-pack for $12.50 or ten-pack for $25 (kid masks available)


Multi five-pack for $28 (kid masks available)

Steve Madden

Single mask for $14.95

Vera Bradley

Single mask for $8

Trust me, there are hundreds of other options (don't forget Etsy) out there, BUT(!) these are the ones that I myself have truly looked at and compared. For myself, I'm leaning towards Athleta or Carra. Really weighing more towards Carra because they're Polyester... and HELLO, Polyester is a lot more breathable than Cotton, but then again I like Athleta's camo mask and subtle colors. Wow, 2020 problems at it's finest! For Hunter, it's obvious I'm going to buy him a Los Angeles Lakers mask.

Also, I'm going to bluntly say it... face masks are expensive for what they are, and a friendly reminder with two rubber bands and an old t-shirt we can all make our own face mask, and save money. If that's your route, there is no shame, click here for a step-by-step guide.

Let me know, where are YOU getting your face masks?