Suit Up & Stand Out

We talk a lot about the bride and her accessories, but let's not forget the groom.

Photo by Meredith Dickens Photography

1. C U F F L I N K S

Cufflinks are a simple way to personalize your wedding day look, you can have fun with it by paying homage to your alma mater. Not to mention it's a great way to incorporate your favorite sports team, or of course, you can keep it simple and elegant by just opting for your initials. However, make sure your shirt can accommodate a cufflink because most regular dress shirts do not.

Pro Tip: When inserting your cufflinks, make sure you get the correct side facing out (yes, there's a front and back). With your arms hanging at your side, the front of your cufflink should be facing outwards, not inwards toward your body.

2. P O C K E T S Q U A R E

There are endless way to fold a pocket square, and no matter how you fold it they will almost always fall inside your pocket (keep reading, we have a pro tip for that). The most common folds suggested for a wedding are the Presidential or Puff. The Presidential Fold is a square fold with the visible part straight across. The Puff is even easier because it doesn't have to be perfect, lay the square flat and then pinch in the center before stuffing in your pocket. The part you pinches is the part that shows at the top.

Pro Tip: Pocket square can be slippery and often fall down inside the pocket. Get a small wad of tissue or toilet paper and put that down inside your pocket first, before putting in your pocket square. The tissue takes us space, keeping your pocket square at the top.

3. T I E

Allowing your groom to pick his own tie gives him a chance to express himself and show his personality. Sure, you can set some boundaries... like must be a bow tie and nothing bright.

4. T I E B A R

Clean and classic is best, otherwise it can look distracting. Your tie bar should be positioned at the upper sternum so it's visible if you're wearing a vest. It should only be about 1/2 or 3/4 of the width of your tie, never wider than your tie. Make sure to match your metals. If you're wearing silver cufflinks, go with a silver tie bar.

5. J A C K E T B U T T O N S

This is a biggie. If you're wearing a two-button jacket, do not button the bottom button - ever! Don't ask, just know this rule dates back to King Henry VII and still holds up today. Always leave the bottom button undone, it's literally just there for looks.