Restaurants are OPEN!

No matter where you are in the world, it's been a minute since you've 'actually' been able to eat inside/outside a restaurant, and OMG, the feeling being able to go out and enjoy yourself, with social distancing human interaction is amazing!

Here in Kentucky, restaurants opened Friday, but only at 33% occupancy, which is a bummer for restaurants themselves, but at this point who can complain (take the little victories).

Honestly though, restaurants being closed hasn't necessarily changed anything around the Brislin household. Before quarantine, social distancing and closures, Hunter and I rarely ate out, rarely as in once or twice a month. Since March, we've ate out/got food to go five times (and three of the five were Chick-fil-A, no shame).

BUT, I understand for restaurants and their employees this is a very struggling time, with lots of uncharted waters, so now that restaurants are open we're going to try out best to eat out more, and support such places.

We started off this weekend, at one of our favorites, Wild Eggs. Hunter and I are big breakfast people, we prefer a good breakfast/brunch out over dinner. Wild Eggs is like Chick-fil-A it never disappoints. Of course they have eggs, but we go for their biscuits and gravy, BUT(!) not just any gravy... chorizo gravy. It's mouthwatering, promise (and it's not too spicy). We've ventured off the menu a time or two, and everything is exceptional but we always come back to their biscuits and chorizo gravy. Considering we're still under 'social distancing' guidelines here in Kentucky, I was surprised that the experience was still the same. Sure the workers wore face masks, but the quality and service hasn't missed a beat. Also, if it makes you more comfortable they offer straws (obviously), but also plastic silverware, and disposable cups/plates.

Wilds Eggs isn't our only favorite spot in Lexington, check out our favorites below:


Wild Eggs

Stella's Kentucky Deli

First Watch

Great Bagel




OBC Kitchen

Hayden's Stockyard

Joe Bologna's


Ted's Montana Grill

If you're in the Lexington area, what are your favorite places to eat? We're routine people, so we often go to the same places, so let a girl know.