Long Hair, Don't Care: Answering ALL the Hair Questions

Answering ALL the hair questions, I've ever gotten. From the products I use, to the tools I use, to the things that have worked for me. Sure, I like to try a new shampoo every once in a while, but I most definitely have my true and tried things that I swear by, and have been using since... well, since high school.

Let's do this!

Photo by Meredith Dickens

!! E V E R Y T H I N G H A I R !!

What shampoo/conditioner do you use?

It's very basic, and you can get it at any grocery/drugstore... Herbal Essence. My absolute favorite of theirs, is Long Term Relationship. I have three I try to alternate,

Long Term Relationship, Hello Hydration (my go-to in the winter months), and

Smooth Rose Hips (yes hips, but I promise it's shampoo/conditioner). I typically buy Long Term Relationship, use it until it's gone, and then buy Smooth Rose Hips, then Hello Hydration. I like to alternate because I get tired of the same scent, but I also use Smooth Rose Hips because it contains 0% mineral oil, as opposed to the other two, and is a little easier on your hair. Not a hair expert, but I like to think that's a nice change on my hair every once in a while.

How often do you wash your hair?

I wash my hair everyday, at night typically. I have dark hair, so it gets greasy easier, and it's more noticeable than those with lighter colored hair. Especially, if I curl my hair... it's most definitely getting washed that night, if not it tangles SO BAD when I sleep on it!

What curling iron do you use?

I actually don't own a single curling iron. If I want my curls to look more natural, or have a 'wave' look I will use my CHI curling wand. On the other hand, if I want true curls I will use my CHI straightener (yes, a straightener).

What blow dryer do you use?

CHI Professional Blow Dryer, because CHI never fails me.

What brush do you use?

A Wet brush, and I didn't start using one until after college... not sure how I brushed my hair or how I still have hair on my head from the 20+ years I didn't use a Wet Brush. They're amazing, and don't pull or tug on your hair.

What dry shampoo do you use?

Not a fan of dry shampoo, rarely use it. Partially, because I wash my hair everyday, so there's really no need. BUT on a rare occasion that I do apply dry shampoo I have/use Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo.

What hairspray do you use?

I have two... if I'm wanting my curls loose and to fall out throughout the day for a natural look, I use Sexy Hair's... Big Sexy Hair Get Layered. It's lightweight, and easy to brush through your curls. On the other hand, if I'm wanting true curls, and for the curl itself to stay I use Herbal Essence Body Envy Volumizing Hairspray.

What detangler do you use?

Back to Sexy Hair, I use their Healthy Sexy Tri-Wheat Leave in Conditioner.

Do you use heat protection?

Yes, again Sexy Hair... Hot Sexy Hair Control Me Thermal Protection. It's a protection against heat and hairspray in one.

Do you color you hair/get highlights?

Never have I ever done more to my hair than get it cut.

Who does your hair?

Crystal Litsey at Planet Salon in Hamburg.

Do you take supplements for you hair?

Negative, I look at a hair supplement as just one more thing to remember. Maybe as I get older, and grey... OR when I have children (postpartum hair loss, I heard is a thing) I will think differently, but for now, I don't see a real need.

!! R A N D O M T I P S !!

Remember, what I am about to share with you has worked for me, and may not work for you (depending on your hair). If you're a hair stylist, I'm sure you're going to cringe at a few (but it's whatever).

I don't brush my hair often. It's true, I typically only brush my hair when it's wet (which they say not to do) with my wet brush when I get out of the shower. In the mornings, I just roll with the punches. Separate any tangles with my fingers and go!

I don't use a lot of heat. In a typical work week, I try to only apply heat on my hair three of the five days I'm working. Then on the weekend/two days I'm off, heat isn't even an option, I'm usually wearing it in a ponytail.

I don't use elastic hair ties. Face it, elastic hair ties were the only thing until a few years ago. Now I use the spiral hair ties, my favorite are TELETIES. I've always had long hair, and while it's not thick, it's heavy and my favorite thing about TELETIES or the spiral hair ties is the fact that they help reduce headaches and reduce creases from your ponytail. Aside from a nagging headache from your ponytail, I hate when I pull my hair up for a quick workout, and when I let it back down there's a big crease from the hair tie... not with TELETIES. They're also strong, I've had more elastic hair ties snap on me than I can count, and with the spiral hair ties, I've yet to have one snap.

Probably the cringiest of all... I don't get my hair cut often. When I say I don't get my hair cut often I mean it, a cut once a year. It just works for me. When my layers have grown out, it won't stop tangling, and it seems more hair is falling out than not... it's time for a haircut. I know, I know. Everyone tells me, you should get your haircut every 'six months' but I don't have time for that. BUT it's been six months this month since my last cut, and I think I'm going to pull the trigger... not so much to adjust the length per-say, but rather add back my layers and shape around my face.

I told you, nothing secret. Everything affordable, and something everyone can do. Do you have hair secrets? If so, I want to hear them.