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First Looks - Pros and Cons

First looks certainly are a new and upcoming wedding tread, they've been a thing, BUT they're still a hot topic, and one up for much debate and opinion. As your wedding approaches, you're probably wondering whether you and your groom want a first look, or whether you want to wait until you walk down the aisle for your big reveal. We understand, it's a big decision.

W H A T I S A F I R S T L O O K ?

Just as it sounds, the first look is when a bride/groom see one another for the first time on their wedding day. Typically it happens after the bride is in her dress, and the groom is in his suit/tux. This intimate moment makes for an emotional photo opportunity.


There is much more to the first look than just the practicality of timing, it's a great decision for anxious couples, or couples who just want to spend some quiet/quality time together before the ceremony.

1. you can get many of your photos taken before the ceremony

2. it gives you and your fiancé a few moments together, just the two of you

3. your photographer has the chance to capture an emotional moment on camera

4. your videographer has the chance to record your groom's reaction in real time

5. saves time on photos after the ceremony, allowing you to enjoy cocktail hour with your guests


Remember, you can always change your mind - even on the day of your wedding, and opt for a first look if you decide you need to see your fiancé to calm any nerves. An experienced wedding planner and photographer will be able to adapt and adjust accordingly on the fly.

1. you will have to get ready earlier

MIC DROP, that's really the only con we have experienced. It's important to know and understand that the feelings don't go away. Sure, we've seen some amazing moments at the altar, because the couple opted out of a first look, BUT it's also worth noting that the couple doesn't have that one-on-one moment to express their feelings, gratitude, and excitement after seeing one another for the first time on their wedding day, because... hello, you're in the middle of their ceremony, and all eyes are on you. However, we've seen much more incredible moments with a first look. If the emotions are really high, they're going to come out no matter what... first look and during the ceremony - seeing each other privately before the ceremony is much different than see each other in " let's do this " mode with your closest family and friends watching. Did we mention, more photos? More often than not, when a couple decides to do a first look they have more time with their photographer giving them more photos, and a chance for their photographer to get creative with their shots. Without a first look, you really only have an hour post-ceremony for family pictures, wedding party pictures, and bride/groom pictures before it's time to get the party started.

TIME AND TIME AGAIN, clients have thanked us after the wedding for educating them on the pros/cons and helping them decide that a first look was for them. If we sense a couple isn't really about it, and has already made up their mind, and closed off, then we won't push it, because ultimately we really want what's best for you. BUT if someone is on the fence, we want to lead them to make a more logical game plan for their wedding - we want you to live in the moment, and not just relive it through the photos. We want you to be present with your fiancé, family, and friends and ultimately a first look gives you that flexibility.


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