Book Review - ROUND TWO

If you follow me on Instagram (amberlynbrislin) you may have noticed, I've been reading... like A LOT, and was surprised by how many requests I received for a book review. So many good reads, most of them I couldn't put down.

1. The Death of Mrs. Westaway, By Ruth Ware

Not what I was expecting from Ruth Ware... usually, her books grab my attention right away, but this one took me awhile to get into. Hal aka Harriet Westaway, receives a mysterious letter about a large inheritance as a beneficiary in her grandmother's will. However, he grandmother died long before she was born, so she realizes quickly that the letter must have been sent to the wrong person, BUT she's struggling to stay afloat herself, so she finds herself at the funeral, and from there realizes there is something very wrong about this situation. Later, she finds out that she does indeed have a family connection to these Westaways, but as she digs for more information she's only beginning to dig her own grave.

2. The Dirty Book Club, by Lisi Harrison

M.J. has a picture perfect life... her dream job as a magazine editor, a doctor boyfriend, and a glamorous life in New York City. However, behind her success is a sense of loneliness. When her boss stabs her in the back, and her boyfriend offers a move to California, she doesn't look back. M.J. struggles to fit in, and the only company she has is her elderly neighbor, Gloria who suddenly moved to Paris with her friends and in lieu of a goodbye, Gloria left a mysterious invitation to a secret club, a club that only read erotic books. In this playful book, M.J. accepts and meets the other club members, and they bond over Fifty Shades of Grey and other naughty bestsellers, to learn the intimate details of their own lives. As they

3. The Marriage Pact, by Michelle Richmond

One word, WOAH! This was definitely one I couldn't put down. Newlyweds Alice and Jake are the couple everyone is envies. Alice a successful lawyer, and Jake a partner in a psychology practice. Alice receives a wedding gift from one of her clients about joining an exclusive and mysterious 'marriage group' known as The Pact. The goal of The Pact was simple... to keep marriages happy and make them last. BUT life every 'organization' comes rules, rules that don't always make sense... exchange thoughtful gifts monthly, plan a trip together once per quarter, just to name a few and NEVER mention The Pact to anyone, and NEVER break a rule (or else). Of course, one of them breaks a rule, and from there their envious marriage is about to become their worst nightmare.

4. The Escape Room, by Megan Goldin

A good book, sure and an easy read... but I also kind of found it pointless. Four coworkers living their best life in the world of Wall Street finance where lying and intimidation thrive. All have the same goal, get rich and do anything you can to reach the top. Question is, who will be the last one standing... or alive? Participating in a team-building exercise that requires them to escape from a locked elevator, as each of their coworkers darkest secrets are revealed. Time is ticking, it's not longer a game, instead they have to fight for their lives.

5. Watching You, by Lisa Jewell

BIG, Lisa Jewell fan, and this book did not disappoint. Melville Heights an upscale neighborhood in England, home to doctors and lawyers is not the common scene of a murder, BUT it is the place where e-v-e-r-y-one has a secret, and e-v-e-r-y-one is watching you. Tom Fitzwilliam the headmaster (like a principal here in the states) is loved by all, including Joey his neighbor who becomes infatuated with him charm. There's a catch, Joey is a student and Fitzwilliam is a grown, married man. Not to mention, Tom's son Freddie has dreams to become a spy and observes people, and witnessed Joey behaving inappropriately with his father. It's a lot... then you have Jenna, another student of Tom's and best friend of Joey, who isn't fond of his charm, and his liking to her best friend, so Jenna begins to look into his past. On Jenna's side is her mother, who is convinced Fitzwilliam is stalking her. Through the digging, Jenna finds out about another student, twenty years ago who journaled about her obsession with Mr. Fitzwilliam, and from there all the secrets start spilling...

6. The Mother-In-Law, by Sally Hepworth

Another page turner, and one that will make you question your mother-in-laws intentions. The moment Lucy met her husband's mother, Diana she kept an arm's length. Diana was not approachingly polite, or friendly towards Lucy to say the least. Fast-forward, now Diana is dead with a suicide note by her body. In her note Diana claims she no longer wants to leave because of a battle with cancer, a battle no one, not even her doctor can confirm. However, the autopsy does find traces of poison and suffocation, now the biggest question of all... who did killed Diana? AND why did her will change to disinherit both of her grown children and their spouses?

7. A Stranger On The Beach, by Michelle Campbell

I saved the best for last, one of the BEST books I have read in a while. You guessed it, there is a stranger outside Caroline's house. Her new beach house, looks like something out of an HGTV magazine, built for hosting parties and family, BUT neither of that happens. Except for the party, she does host a housewarming party, but when she suspects her husband is lying about her whereabouts, it is confirmed when he shows up to their party with another woman. So she then turns to the stranger she met earlier on the beach staring up at her house, Aiden and leans on him for comfort... and revenge. Through a series of events Aiden becomes obsessed with Caroline, her family and her house and things get disturbing. Then her husband goes missing, and now she's being questioned as the 'person of interest.'

You see, I most definitely have a 'favorite' genre of books... I'm a lover of a good mystery, and psychological thriller that I can't put down.

F A V O R I T E B O O K :

Hands down, A Stranger On The Beach, by Michelle Campbell. I love a psychological thriller, and a page turner so this book did not disappoint. Finished it in two days.

L E A S T F A V O R I T E B O O K :

The Death of Mrs. Westaway, By Ruth Ware. I went into this book with high expectations because I am such a fan of Ruth Ware, but this book was near torture for me to finish. Don't get me wrong, there is a 'catch' but I think it was too late in the book, that I had already lost interest.

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Let me know what you're reading in the comments below.