5 Things to Say To Your Husband E-V-E-R-Y Day

Of course I tell my husband 'I love you' everyday, BUT there's a lot more I should be telling/asking him each day. Because, you and I both know... even the simplest of words can brighten anyone's day.

5 Things to Say To Your Husband E-V-E-R-Y Day

I am proud of you. Men want AND need a cheerleader in their corner, let him know you're there, that you're proud, and that you notice the hard work he's doing.

You look good. Naturally, as women we WANT to be complimented and told we look good, but what about men? If you don't compliment your husband, how can you expect him to feel appreciated or wanted? Remind your husband/significant other that you're just as attracted to them today as you were the first day you met.

How can I help? Especially if your husband never, n-e-v-e-r, NEVER asks for help (not Hunter at all, kidding) and you know good and well they have a lot on their plate, take a moment and just ask "how can I help?" Sure he may say there's nothing, but it goes back to showing that you notice his hard work and that you care.

What do YOU want to do? The planner in me can't resist planning our every day/weekend off together, and while I make sure Hunter and I have a good time and he never complains, I rarely ask what HE wants to do.

I LOVE YOU. No words needed.

Tell me, what's something you tell/ask your husband everyday?