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Meet Hunter

I can't wait to share a piece of my wife with the rest of the world, because knowing her is something special. As her biggest supporter, I see firsthand the hours and time she puts in each couple and their wedding. Amberly came to me with the idea of taking over the wedding industry, BUT with my help. I was reluctant at first, because that has always been 'her thing' but with patience, and prayer, here we are. Anything that gets thrown at me will be executed far beyond anyone's expectations. I live for organization, structure and order. My happy place can be found in a good run, a bag of chips, ESPN, and time well spent with my wife, and our two dogs.

what is the most memorable part of your wedding day?

the garter toss, think magic mike

what is the best piece of wedding advice for the groom?

stay patient and present. your wife to be has likely been thinking about this day since she was a young girl, so be prepared for the emotions. support her, help where you can, and know when to stay out of the way! remember, all the months of planning leads up to a party that is over in hours, so take a breath and enjoy it.

where did you go for your bachelor party?

lake erie for a fishing trip, and a indians vs marlins MLB game

favorite color

hunter green

favorite food

fried chicken

favorite athlete

tom brady and tiger woods

stay in out night out

stay in

early morning or night owl

early morning

favorite sports team

kentucky basketball

favorite movie

the notebook

favorite holiday


worst habit

always having a floss pick