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Meet Amberly

I am so happy you're here! When I was just 21, I took a chance and road tripped to Chicago with my grandmother (mini girls trip) to become a Certified Wedding Planner. Fast forward, eight years later, living out a dream I could have never imagined possible. I thrive under pressure, tight deadlines, energetic bridal parties, and live for the perfect first look. When I am not planning, I am enjoying time with my husband, our two dogs, running, reading the latest thriller, cheering on Kentucky and catching up on all things NBA (BIG sports fan here) and likely driving to target.

I am not the best at talking about myself, but here are the 'burning' questions everyone seems to ask...

how did you and hunter meet?

college sweethearts

when did you get married?


what is the most memorable part of your wedding day?

first look with hunter, and sharing the special day with my grandparents - we got married on their 50th anniversary

what is your favorite part of a wedding day?

when the groom sees his bride for the first time​

where did you honeymoon?

los cabos, mexico

what is the best piece of wedding advice?

hire a wedding planner, and I'm not just telling you that because that's what I do for a living, but rather because it's the best decision you will ever make when planning a wedding. all your stress, worries and concerns, put on him/her so you can enjoy the process. after all, we hope it only happens once.

did you hire a wedding planner when you got married?

absolutely! sure, hunter and I did all the planning, but we knew from he beginning we wanted to enjoy the day with our family and friends, and wanted someone on site day-of making sure all the moving pieces were going as planned. we opted for month of coordination, and we're so thankful we did.

favorite color

all black everything

favorite food

chips and salsa

favorite fashion trend

anything hailey bieber is wearing or doing

celebrity crush

channing tatum, justin bieber and daniel craig

early morning or night owl

night owl

favorite sports team

kentucky basketball, and countless NBA teams

favorite movie

she's the man and the grinch

favorite holiday


worst habit

sleeping through my alarm