How long have you been planning weddings and/or events?

I became a Certified Wedding Planner in 2014, and the rest is history, I haven't looked back since.

What sparked your interest in becoming a wedding planner?

Honestly, like every girl I've always dreamed of my own wedding, (BUT)! it wasn't until I was in college, fell in love and then really started thinking what if I marry this man (which I did) that "sparked" my interest in weddings.  

Describe your experience in planning weddings.

Every wedding is unique and different, that's what makes this job so enjoyable, because every bride has a different vision. That said, fours year ago I became a Certified Wedding Planner and immediately started booking clients, but limited myself to one wedding a month (hence I was still attending school). Shortly after, during my senior year of college I landed a job working at an opera house (mind you, an hour away) as their in-house Wedding Planner/Event Coordinator and planned roughly 25 weddings within my first six months. It was such a great experience, I wore many hats, and I wouldn't trade it for the world; however, there were no benefits... so not long after graduation I had to look at the bigger picture and decided I needed a position with benefits. It was a HARD decision, but I've continued my love for weddings, and it's been better than I could of ever imagined. I've planned weddings from 50 guests up to 400 guests at a variety of venues (to name a few... The Winchester Opera House, Moundale Manor, CV Whitney Farm, The Thoroughbred Center, The Brown Hotel, and countless backyard/barn weddings... because, Kentucky). 

What is your favorite thing about being a wedding planner/event coordinator?

There's SO many! My absolute favorite thing about weddings is just getting to work alongside couples, and watching the love they have for one another radiate... it gets me e-v-e-r-y-time.

Why do I need a planner?

Sure you can plan your own wedding, and with a wedding planner you still can... only better. Think of it this way, a wedding planner will not take the options out of your hands, but will give you more, AND will coordinate the entire day as opposed to just one aspect. If you want an antique car for your grand exit, I can provide you with at least three different references-you tell me what you're vision is, I give you vendor options, and together we go from there. Not to mention, I will fight for your wedding vision and keep everything on track. So while you can absolutely plan your own wedding, let me make it a much better experience for both you and your groom, and save you both some headaches. 

My mom/best friend is my planner, why would I hire someone?

NEVER a good choice. If you're using someone you're inviting to the wedding, you're making a big mistake... let them be a guest. I get it, your mother, sister, best friend (whoever) may be able and willing to plan and coordinate your willing, BUT asking them to do so will likely be a mistake you'll regret years to come. You shouldn't have to worry about if the caterer has or hasn't arrived on-site while getting your make-up done. Again, let your guests be guests... everyone should be with you, enjoying you and enjoying the moment. Let me worry about the caterer, the DJ, the photographer, the florist, and all the others. Your mom should be watching from the front row walk down the aisle, not watching your back because the photo booth just arrived and needs to know where to set-up for the reception. Likewise, your best friend should be dancing alongside you at the reception, not missing the bouquet toss because someone needs to cut the cake. 

Can I afford a wedding planner?

Absolutely, the real question to ask yourself is can you afford not to have a wedding planner? It breaks my heart when I hear a bride say she can't afford a wedding planner... partially because I've heard too many stories where there wasn't a wedding planner, and things went wrong, but also because every bride regardless their budget deserves to have a stress-free and memorable experience. Not only can I save you a lot of time, but also a lot of money. For instance, I worked with a couple who was set on their venue, needless to say it came with a large rental fee... it effected their entire budget, and their original plans. I listened to what they wanted and their vision, and was able to keep the same budget while still fulfilling all their vendor requirements and expectations. It was a special moment, because I knew how much the venue meant to the bride, and I was still able to give her the wedding she had always dreamed of. 

If you can't tell already, I'm so passionate for everything weddings, and beyond grateful for my clients-I realize a wedding planner can be an investment,which is why I pride myself upon keeping it affordable. 

Do I still need a wedding planner if the venue has a coordinator?

YES! I'm so glad you asked, because unless your in the industry the differences between the two aren't commonly known. Really though, one of my biggest pet peeves as a wedding planner is when a venue sell their in-house coordinator as an "actual" wedding planner. It's overwhelming how different the two are, but I've broken it down into five main categories-venue, vendors, timeline, accessibility, and design. 

Here's the differences between the two:


Venue Coordinator

They are solely responsible for everything that has to do with the venue itself-tables, chairs, linens, etc. Not to mention, if the venue provides catering, their focus is to make sure that the kitchen and wait staff are scheduled according to their needs... sorry, but the bride is often "second" to anything in-house. 

Wedding Planner

I am responsible for everything that comes with your venue, AND confirming with each of your vendors that they know when and where to be... remember, as YOUR wedding planner you'll always be my number one priority. 


Venue Coordinator

After booking your date, the venue coordinator will likely provide a list of preferred vendors, and that's end of their involvement when it comes to communicating with vendors. 

Wedding Planner

Regardless the package you chose, I am always in contact with your vendors to answer any and all questions or concerns he or she may have-once a vendor is booked I am their main point of contact between you and them, saving you yet another headache. However, if you chose Full Service Planning I will schedule and attend your vendor meetings. On the day of, if a vendor is lost, running late or is having an emergency, they'll let me know and I then put out the fire immediately. 


Venue Coordinator

Typically a venue will generate a timeline that solely revolves around the venue and their involvement only; for example, if you're not getting ready at the venue, or you're taking pictures elsewhere before hand that won't be included in the timeline. 

Wedding Planner

The planner in me goes above and beyond when it comes to your timeline, I plan e-v-e-r-y single detail from the moment you wake up until the last guest leaves. As your wedding planner it is crucial that I know what is happening at all times with every person involved. I schedule arrive times for vendors, work with your photographer to determine a timeline for photos, what songs will be play and when for your reception, when the cake will be cut, and where your sparkler send-off will be. I DO IT ALL. 


Venue Coordinator

Hate to tell you, but you're likely sharing your venue coordinator with at least 50 other brides and/or clients. This means you're not their first priority, you'll likely get delayed responses to phone calls and emails, AND have to try and catch them during business hours (the absolute worst for a working full-time bride-to-be... I know from experience). 

Wedding Planner

Lucky for you, I'm available almost 24/7 unless I'm sleeping or tied up on the phone I'm readily available. Whether you're having a meltdown or just a quick question, you can pick up the phone and/or send a quick text and I'll always get back. If I'm being upfront, your venue coordinator isn't giving you their personal cell phone number. 


Venue Coordinator

Simple, they're not designing your wedding. Period. They see wedding after wedding, and often don't bring new ideas to the table to help turn your dream wedding into a reality.

Wedding Planner

I'll design, orchestrate and run both your ceremony and reception. I'll help you choose your colors, linens, flowers, table set-up, design, and so on and so on. I'll make sure your wedding is what you vision, and that it's something different from the others. 

Save yourself some time, hire a wedding planner now... don't be the one that finds out half way through the planning process tht what you actually have is a venue coordinator. 

Where are you located?

I'm located in Lexington, Kentucky, and primarily serve Central Kentucky, BUT(!) I love to travel and I am willing to go anywhere-must say, I am itching to go to Mexico. 

What if you're sick on my wedding day?

I don't get sick. Honestly, as much as I hate to admit it, I am human. In the event that I am sick or experiencing some catastrophic event (which is what it would take to miss your wedding), I will send someone in my place with similar or more experience at no additional charge. As a Certified Wedding Planner there is an army of us that are willing to help a sister out if such incidents occur.


Will you be there on my wedding date?

Of course, regardless the package you choose I'll always be there to orchestrate both the rehearsal, and your wedding day. You'll often find me meeting with vendors, checking on the couple, pinning on boutonnieres, and watching the profound planning comes to life. Not to forget, depending on the magnitude of your event I will generally have an assistant. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! To secure your date I require a 50% down payment, from there I will work with you to set-up a payment plan that works for you and your financial situation (keep in mind, remaining balance is due not later than one week prior to your wedding day). 

Do you only plan weddings?

No, I also plan and coordinator engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, birthday parties, corporate events, conferences... the list goes on. Let's just say, there's not much I won't plan (after all, I spend 30 minutes planning my trip to the grocery). 

Why you?

Good question, because there are definitely an abundant amount of planners to chose from... BUT what makes me different is that I strive to be affordable for brides to be, while still providing a high level of service and expertise. It's a one man show here (with an assistant at times), so I never book more than one wedding a weekend, and no more than three a month, that way I'm giving each bride the attention they deserve. I do the obvious, make your planning experience stress-free and memorable, but I also help and remind you of the small things... adding special touches to your wedding day that will make yours different from others. Of course, I'm a great listener, I hear your vision and then together we turn it into a reality. 

Is there anything you do not do?

I have a "can do" attitude, so I like to make anything happen. However, there are some things that are better left for the professionals within their field; for example, I am not a florist-I am creative, but I am not able to create your bouquet or center pieces. Keeping it real, I also do not serve food nor drink alcoholic beverages at your wedding. Lastly, any mishaps I keep from happening always stay between myself and those involved (if any). I know my limitations and work within my expertise.

What have you done as a planner, that most would not do?

Are you sure you want to know... I've held countless brides' dresses up so they could use the restroom, I've served as a wall so a bridesmaid could breastfeed, I've held out my hand so an entire group of groomsmen could hand me their chewing gum before the ceremony... there's more, we can chat about it later. 

I think we'd be a great fit, how do we get started?

It's easy, fill out the form below or email me at to schedule your FREE, no obligation consultation. At that time, we'll chat a bit to make sure were a good fit, and determine your needs. Heads up, I suggest planning for an hour... I am pretty easy to talk to. We'll go through through the packages to determine what best fits your needs, and describe the process in more detail. I'm already giddy inside, I truly can't wait to hear how you vision your wedding day, speak soon.